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Dresser Makeover
Lace painted kids desk
Table to Ottoman
Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins
DIY Distressed Plank Wall


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Dresser Makeover

Fabulous French Graphic and Colorful Coral Dresser Makeover

Follow this link and your imagination to the dresser makeover that makes you smile!

Lace painted kids desk

Lace Painted Kids desk

Loving this idea, pretty sure my niece needs one....

Follow the link and make one yourself!

Table to Ottoman

Table to Ottoman

So in love with this idea, I see me and the hubby doing this very soon!


Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins

Need an adorable decoration for  Halloween and Thanksgiving, Follow the link below...

DIY Distressed Plank Wall

DIY Distressed Plank Wall

Love this idea and can find so many applications for it!!

Follow the link:

5 Spooktacular Wine Bottle Crafts

5 Spooktacular Wine Bottle Crafts

Follow this link and your imagination for some spooky décor:

Besides it a perfectly good reason for an excellent glass of wine or two or three...



When painting a room put a freshly cut onion in there to get rid of the smell.

Place a few briquettes of charcoal under the seat of your car to absorb odors and keep it smelling fresh. Make sure to use the type without the starting fluid on them or your car will smell of fuel.

To make cut flowers last longer, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of sugar to the water. Remember to change the water every couple of days. I have also heard that popping an aspirin in the water works also.

If you have thin surface scratches on glass, rub a little toothpaste over the surface. Finishing by polishing off with a soft cloth.

Clean windows and mirrors with scrunched-up newspaper, dampened with 1 part white vinegar to 10 parts water.

We all know about using vinegar to clean windows and mirrors but have you tried adding some dishwasher rinse aid to the water? It leaves glass streak free and with a sparkly finish – and it smells better than vinegar.

Clean copper and brass with salt and lemon juice (three parts salt to one juice).

Open your window blinds every morning and let the sun shine in! Sunshine will make your nice, clean room feel warm and cosy. You will grow to love that feeling and you will be more likely to keep your room clean.

Keep rooms free of flies by putting a vase of lavender by any open windows – they hate it!

Place a button at the end of a sticky tape roll so the end will be easy to find.



Unclog a drain by pouring in a cup of baking soda followed slowly by a cup of white vinegar – cover and let it sit for five minutes then pour down four litres of boiling water.

When potting plants, place a coffee filter in the bottom of the pot over the drainage holes to prevent the soil draining out.

If you keep your freezer in the shed or garage, polish the outside with wax to stop damp, rust and mold.

Make stripping wallpaper easier by adding a tablespoon of baking soda to each bucketful of water.

Clean oil spots on the path or driveway by sprinkling bicarbonate of soda and scrubbing with a wet brush.

Kill weeds between cracks in patios by spraying them with white vinegar.

For kids’ outdoor toys, purchase a weatherproof, bench-style storage box and store toys inside. Also, gather all outdoor balls and place into a large, mesh drawstring bag and store in garage.



Make a list of everything you do daily and weekly. Then organize them on a calendar (Google Calendar is great) so you can assign a time for each one as a “goal”. If you set a reminder for specific tasks at certain times or on certain days it’s much easier to keep on track, especially since most chores don’t take more than about 15 minutes when you break them up.

To make mornings calmer and more in control is to lay out your clothes for the next day the night before when you are relaxed. This solves the problem of rushing to find what to wear in the morning when you are tired and time bound. Put out the jewellery, shoes and handbag with purse, keys and make up all inside.

Encourage every member of the house to clean as they go. Make them realize that hiring a cleaner is expensive. Set an hourly rate and pay yourself for the cleaning you do and save this money towards a new appliance or family holiday.

Get all the family in the habit of ‘little and often’ cleaning and tidying. It promotes quality time with your family and obtains a fresh living space for everyone.

Make sure everything in your house has a home. Teach all family members to mind their own messes. For example, if you take it out, put it back; if you open it, close it; if you throw it down, pick it up; if you make a mess, clean it up; and so on.

Each night before bedtime, have all family members pick up clutter for 15 minutes. Make a game out of it and see who can pick up the most things in the shortest amount of time.

Buy a lovely storage box and fill it with a selection of cards for every occasion. Also put in it a selection of different coloured wrapping paper (the folded packs you can get) and a book of stamps. You will then have your own compact gift wrapping station and no excuse for not sending a birthday or other occasion card out at any time.

The simplest thing that you can do to keep yourself organised is to keep a constant to-do list. Keep a notepad with you at all times. Whenever a new task comes up, add it to your list. As you complete tasks, cross them off your list.



Shine black shoes by rubbing them with a banana skin.
Shine brown shoes by rubbing them with the pithy side of a lemon.
Keep necklaces and bracelets from tangling by hanging off a mug tree or putting hooks inside your wardrobe.

To get rid of an ink stain on clothes, spray with a strong hairspray, and then wash as normal.

Dry wet shoes more quickly by putting crumpled balls of newspaper inside them.

To remove chewing gum from clothing, upholstery or carpets, heat some white vinegar in a pan and apply it to the gum.

To make ironing easier place a sheet of kitchen foil on the board under the cover, which helps reflect the heat.

When you are doing your laundry put any underwear inside a pillowcase. It will keep all those items together and make it easier for sorting everything once it comes out the wash. You can buy mesh bags designed especially for this.

To stop coloured cottons from fading and the colours bleeding, soak in strong salt water overnight.

To revive greying white cotton bedding, let the frost get to them on the clothes line.

Remove rust stains on white cotton by rubbing with lemon juice and salt before washing.

To remove candle wax from fabrics use a knife to scrape off as much wax as possible. Place fabric between 2 pieces of parchment paper or waxed paper and press with a warm iron. Wash with detergent in the hottest water safe for the fabric.

Tumble dry pillows in a hot tumble dryer once a week for 15 minutes to freshen them and get rid of dust mites.

Separate your clothes by season. If you have a wardrobe with a shelf over the rails, place current seasons clothes on the rails and move out of season clothes on to the shelf.

Categorize your clothes by purpose, such as work, casual, and formal.

If you have deodorant stains on your clothes, gently sponge the area with white vinegar. Leave for a few minutes and then wash in hot water.

To remove blood stains, soak the item in cold water for at least 30 minutes. If the stain remains, soak again in lukewarm water with added ammonia. Use 3 tbsp. ammonia per gallon of water. Rinse well. If the stain is really stubborn and still remains, work in a laundry detergent, and wash, using colour safe bleach.

To remove a fresh coffee stain, sponge or soak with cold water as soon as possible. Wash, using detergent and colour safe bleach. For a set in stain beat an egg yolk and then with a terry cloth, apply it to the stain. You’ll need to work the yolk into the stain for a minute or so. Now rinse it thoroughly with water. The stain will disappear.

To remove mouldy smells from towels, wash with a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. The smell will disappear they will be lovely and fresh again.

Plant some lavender under your washing line, or if it on a patio or other hard standing, put some pots of lavender underneath. As sheets swing around on the line they brush against the lavender and pick up a subtle scent.