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To save time fill out the form below describing each project you would like to have done. Also please email me some pictures if you think it will help. You should receive the quote in 1 to 3 days. Once you approve the quote we can get you on the schedule usually in 1 week or less.


Please review examples of projects that I can quote with out scheduling an estimate.

Project #1 Install new light fixture (please note if 2 story ceiling, if chandelier or ceiling fan with light)

Project #2 Install new faucet

Project #3 Repair drywall crack(please let me know how many crack and approximately how long)

Project #4 roof leaks (please schedule an estimate so I can come to your house to find the source of the leak)

Project #5 Paint the entire outside of the house(please email me picture of all sides of the house)

Project #6 Rotted wood repair.( Please let me know how many boards and what size board, also let me know if it is under a gutter)

Project #7 If it is to difficult to describe with great detail, please click on schedule estimate and I will come over to write up a quote for you.

Project #8 Paint bed room (please note room dimension's or floor sq. ft. area)

Project #9 Install molding (please note linial feet of molding)

Here is a list of items we are not able to do for you:

1. Cement work other than caulking a crack.
2. Landscaping
3.Major electrical repair, we can do miner electrical.
5. Garage door or garage motor repair.
6. Carpet

Please fill out all fields. I'm sorry but if information is missing I will not be able to email the quote. Thanks for the opportunity to work on your home.
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Gary The Handyman.
Gary Mueller
1725 Whirlaway Court
Cary, NC. 27519

We're proud of our work. That's why we guarantee it for 2 years!

Gary The Handyman services include:
    • Handyman
    • Wood floors
    • Rotted Wood Repair
    • Siding
    • Window & Doors
    • Exterior Trim
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Crown molding
    • Carpentry
    • Painting
    • Sheetrock
    • Tile installation
    • Bathroom Remodeling

Below are the cities you will find Gary The Handyman working:
Apex, Morrisville, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Holly Springs Wake Forest & Fuquay-Varina