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Up cycled Drink Station

Up cycled Drink Station

Method for creating a stealthy bar from a cast-off chest of drawers.

Step 1: Measure the inside of a dresser drawer to determine its width (from side to side), depth (front to back), and height (base to top).

Step 2: To create a middle divider, use a jigsaw to cut a piece of wood that measures the depth of the drawer and slightly less than its height. To create a shelf, cut another wood piece that measures slightly less than half the drawer's width and slightly less than its height. Sand the ends.

Step 3: Using our photo as a guide, insert the shelf and divider into the drawer; screw in place with a drill.

Step 4: To create a drop-down door, remove any screws holding the dresser's top to its frame; then pop the top off the frame using a rubber mallet.Step 5: Cover the drawer unit and door with a coat of primer, followed by two coats of paint, allowing two hours' drying time after each coat.

Step 6: To install the door, stand the drawer so that its front faces up and its open top faces you. Following package instructions for a piano hinge, attach the door to the back edge of the drawer, as shown above (if needed, trim the hinge with a jigsaw). Make sure the door closes properly before screwing in place.

Step 7: Install two metal chains, each at least ¼ inch wide, to support the door. Using our photo as a guide, experiment with chain placement before screwing in a set of eye bolts inside the drawer's sides, about three inches from the drawer's front and ½ inch from the top. Use pliers and eye hooks to attach a chain to each eye bolt. Then, on each side of the door, about two inches down from the top edge and ½ inch in from the sides, drill a hole 3/4 inch wide.

Step 8: To determine chain length, pull each chain down diagonally to reach the door (the chain needs to hold the door open at exactly 90 degrees). Use pliers to remove excess chain. For each chain, insert the last link into the hole on the door. Drive a screw into the door's side and into the hole, threading the link onto the screw as you go.

Step 9: To keep the door shut, install safety-gate hooks and eyes on the outside of the door and drawer, as shown above. Finish by installing a drawer pull in the center of the door's front; then use mounting brackets to hang the station on a wall.

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